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August 15, 2014

Did You Know?

  • 2014 marks 100 years since the birth of the commercial aviation industry - the first scheduled commercial airline flight was January 1st, 1914.
  • On average, more than 8 million people fly per day!

Consular Updates


The Consulate of Brazil in Atlanta now requires that all applicants regardless of citizenship applying for a student visa must include an FBI clearance.


The Consulate of China in New York has updated several visa requirements for citizens of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Congo, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Mauritania, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkey, Nepal, and first time Israeli passport holders: most importantly, Non US passport holders must provide an original green card with their visa application.


The Embassy of Ghana no longer offers emergency same day/24 hour visa processing.  Rush processing takes 5 business days.
We still offer emergency processing in our Houston office.


The Embassy of Indonesia is currently requesting that visa applications be submitted to the appropriate jurisdictions.


The Consulate of Japan in Chicago now requires proof of departure for travelers that require a visa.


The Consulate of Nepal in New York has resumed processing visa applications.


The Embassy of Qatar no longer issues visas to Indian passport holders in the USA. The Indian passport holder must apply in person in Qatar.

Weekly Feature: Spotlight on Biometric Scanning

With more people traveling internationally than ever before, countries around the globe are being faced with the challenge of maintaining travel security and border protection while also processing huge numbers of people efficiently.

The result is the increasing introduction of Automated Border Control (ABC) solutions at airports and border crossings. These solutions are focusing on biometric screening to deliver higher levels of security and an improved, more streamlined passenger experience. By using multimodal biometric screening including facial recognition technology, fingerprints and/or iris scans, this type of screening is able to identify and track passenger movements.

A biometric or biometric identifier is an objective measurement of a physical characteristic of an individual which, when captured in a database, can be used to verify the identity or check against other entries in the database. The best known biometric is the fingerprint, but others include facial recognition and iris scans.
One of the largest companies developing and supplying this technology is Vision-Box, which has implemented 400 automated border control solutions around the world and operates automated borders in more than 30 international airports.

After initial identification at the airport, biometric data can continue to be gathered on passengers at key touch points throughout the terminal (including baggage drop and boarding), to ensure that it is the same passenger as previously identified gets on the flight.
All of the information gathered on passengers can also be shared between airports, airlines, border authorities and countries, making intelligence exchange between authorities in cooperative countries more efficient and wide ranging.

The use of these identifiers is an important link in international security, because fingerprints taken will be compared with similarly collected fingerprints at U.S. ports-of-entry. This will verify identity to reduce use of stolen and counterfeit visas, and protect against possible use by terrorists or others who might represent a security risk to the United States and other countries.
While some passengers have been wary of this type of biometric information gathering, it seems that it is set to become a fact of life.  There are already programs in place that utilize Biometric Scanning, like
Global Entry.

Global Entry helps you clear U.S. customs and Border patrol faster regardless of where you are traveling from. The program is designed for low-risk travelers to receive expedited clearance upon arriving arrival into the United States. To receive Global Entry, you must submit an application that includes an in-person interview, background check, and fingerprinting. Once you pass, Global Entry members can then skip the lines at Customs and Border Protection and instead use touch-screen kiosks in the arrivals area of airports. The added security is in the finger print scanning prior to any travel!

This is all leading to improved passenger processing systems and ABC seems to be the solution. According to a report by Acuity Market Intelligence, between now and 2018 there will be a massive increase in expenditure on ABC. Europe will be the dominant region accounting for 43% of total airport ABC eGate and kiosk spending, or $954 million over the forecast period to 2018. While Asia is projected to be the second largest market for airport ABC eGates and kiosks accounting for 21.4% of global spending.
Long story short; stay up to date on visa and passport requirements, including the possible need for biometric scanning. Remember to double check what travel documents you will need at!
Enjoy your travels!

Conde Nast Traveler: Feed Baby Tigers, Elephants, and Pandas on These Voluntourism Trips

Like animals and want to do some good on your next vacation? Consider volunteering for an extended time period with an animal welfare organization. If time is short, visiting an animal sanctuary for an afternoon is still a worthwhile venture. Either way here are nine options for helping furry (and non-furry friends).

GoEco: South Africa: Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park
Length: Two week minimum

GoEco's Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park program is one of its most popular, and for good reason: volunteers get to actually interact with the tigers and lions, including feeding cubs. Expect some dirty work too (like cleaning up animal poop), but if that worries you, refer back to feeding adorable tiny tigers.

Click here to read more!

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Great Features from Travisa

Visa Widget

Travisa Visa WidgetGive visitors to your website instant access to visa requirement information.  Travisa's complimentary Visa Widget allows travelers to choose their destination country, citizenship, and purpose of travel to see if a visa is required, with the added convenience of never leaving your site.  You can customize your Widget with a company logo or simply leave it the way it is.  Your account code can also be embedded within, ensuring that travelers will have access to correct pricing and account details.  We can even save a default destination and citizenship if your travelers have a common preference.  Adding the widget is easy.  Just visit the widget set-up page.  If you have any questions about how this can be of benefit to your travelers, you may also contact Travisa's Account Management Team for more assistance.

Smart Phone Apps

Have you ever been in a time crunch and not at your desk to check visa requirements for your upcoming international trip?  No problem!  Use Travisa's FREE App for Android or App for iPhone for easy access to visa and passport requirements on the go.  You can also e-mail the information directly from the App for easy retrieval at your convenience.

App for Android

Download Travisa's FREE App for Android.  You can also find us on the Android market (just look for Travisa Visa).  Passport and visa requirements and instructions are now available anywhere you are.  You can look for information and send travel document requirements via e-mail for easy, convenient retrieval later on.

App for iPhone and iPad

Travisa's App for iPhone
With the Travisa Visa App, you can download FREE App for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch!  You can also access detailed information on travel visa requirements for over 200 countries and passport services directly on your iPad, even when you do not have internet access.  The Travisa Visa App is great for frequent international travel managers, as well as individual travelers, who need to know country visa requirements fast.  Send your travel document requirements via email for easy, convenient retrieval later on, even in areas with no receptivity.

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Consulate and Embassy Closings

Travisa Office Closings

  • All Travisa Offices in the US - Closed September 1st


  • India - Closed August 15th, August 18th
  • Israel - Closed September 9th


  • India - Closed August 15th
  • Thailand - Closed August 28th, August 29th, September 2nd, September 3rd, September 4th, September 5th


  • Austria - Closed August 15th, September 2nd
  • India - Closed August 15th, August 18th


  • India - Closed August 15th


  • Afghanistan - Closed August 25th
  • Albania - Closed August 25th
  • Algeria - Closed August 25th
  • Angola - Closed August 25th
  • Antigua and Barbuda - Closed August 25th
  • Argentina - Closed August 25th
  • Armenia - Closed August 25th
  • Aruba - Closed August 25th
  • Australia - Closed August 25th
  • Austria - Closed August 15th
  • Bahamas - Closed August 25th
  • Bahrain - Closed August 25th
  • Bangladesh - Closed August 15th, August 25th
  • Barbados - Closed August 25th
  • Belarus - Closed August 25th
  • Belgium - Closed August 25th
  • Belize - Closed August 25th
  • Benin - Closed August 25th
  • Bhutan - Closed August 25th
  • Bolivia - Closed August 25th
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina - Closed August 25th
  • Botswana - Closed August 25th
  • Brazil - Closed August 25th
  • Brunei Darussalam - Closed August 25th
  • Bulgaria - Closed August 25th, August 29th
  • Burkina Faso - Closed August 25th
  • Burundi - Closed August 25th
  • Cambodia - Closed August 25th
  • Cameroon - Closed August 15th
  • Canada - Closed August 25th, September 1st
  • Cape Verde - Closed August 25th
  • Central African Republic - Closed August 25th
  • Chad - Closed August 25th
  • Chile - Closed August 25th
  • China - Closed August 25th
  • Colombia - Closed August 25th
  • Congo Republic - Closed August 25th
  • Costa Rica - Closed August 25th
  • Cote d Ivoire - Closed August 25th
  • Croatia - Closed August 15th, August 25th
  • Cuba - Closed August 25th
  • Cyprus - Closed August 15th, August 25th
  • Czech Republic - Closed August 25th
  • D.R. Congo - Closed August 25th
  • Denmark - Closed August 25th
  • Djibouti - Closed August 25th
  • Dominica - Closed August 25th
  • Dominican Republic - Closed August 25th
  • Ecuador - Closed August 25th
  • Egypt - Closed August 25th, September 1st, September 2nd
  • El Salvador - Closed August 25th
  • Eritrea - Closed August 25th
  • Finland - Closed August 15th, August 25th
  • Germany - Closed August 25th
  • Ghana - Closed August 25th
  • Hong Kong - Closed August 25th
  • India - Closed August 15th, August 18th
  • Indonesia - Closed August 25th
  • Italy - Closed August 25th
  • Japan - Closed August 25th
  • Lithuania - Closed August 15th
  • Namibia - Closed August 26th
  • Nepal - Closed August 25th
  • Netherlands - Closed August 25th
  • Nigeria - Closed August 25th
  • Norway - Closed August 25th
  • Romania - Closed August 15th
  • Switzerland - Closed August 25th
  • Thailand - Closed August 25th
  • Trinidad and Tobago - Closed August 25th
  • Vietnam - Closed August 25th, September 1st, September 2nd

Los Angeles

  • India - Closed August 15th
  • Philippines - Closed August 21st, August 25th
  • Poland - Closed August 15th


  • Argentina - Closed August 18th
  • India - Closed August 15th
  • Uruguay - Closed August 25th

New York

  • Bangladesh - Closed August 15th
  • Croatia - Closed August 15th
  • Estonia - Closed August 20th
  • India - Closed August 15th
  • Korea (South) - Closed August 15th
  • Poland - Closed August 15th
  • Romania - Closed August 15th


  • Australia - Closed August 15th, September 1st
  • Estonia - Closed August 20th
  • Guyana - Closed September 1st
  • India - Closed August 15th, August 18th, September 1st
  • Israel - Closed September 1st
  • Italy - Closed September 1st
  • Korea (South) - Closed August 15th
  • Philippines - Closed August 21st, August 25th, September 1st
  • Switzerland - Closed September 1st
  • Turkey - Closed September 2nd
  • United Kingdom - Closed September 1st

San Francisco

  • China - Closed September 8th
  • India - Closed August 15th


  • Brazil - Closed September 1st
  • Cyprus - Closed September 1st
  • Germany - Closed September 1st
  • India - Closed August 15th, August 18th, September 1st
  • Indonesia - Closed September 1st
  • Italy - Closed September 1st
  • Netherlands - Closed September 1st
  • Philippines - Closed August 21st, August 25th
  • Sri Lanka - Closed September 1st


  • Austria - Closed August 15th, September 2nd
  • Bangladesh - Closed August 15th
  • Congo Republic - Closed August 15th
  • Croatia - Closed August 15th
  • Estonia - Closed August 20th
  • India - Closed August 15th, August 18th
  • Namibia - Closed August 26th
  • Philippines - Closed August 21st, August 25th
  • Vietnam - Closed September 2nd

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